Summer is the season for barbecues, fairs, swimming pools, sandcastles on the beach, and road trips. The temperatures are warm, children are out of school, and there is an excitement in the air.

Unfortunately, the increase in outdoor activities, yard work, home projects, and consumption of alcoholic beverages, also, leads to the increase of accidents, injuries, and deaths. Auto accidents surge during the summer season with distracted drivers being the leading cause of accidents according to the Institute of Highway Safety. Auto accidents are not the only summertime incidents. There are increased drownings in pools and lakes, burns from grills and campfires, dog bites and attacks, and heat related injuries.

While most people prefer to only think about the fun activities summer brings; it is also a great time to review and update your insurance policy and enroll in Life Insurance. The unexpected and the tragic happens every day and it happens to thousands of people each day.

Just as you make preparations for your summer fun by ensuring you packed the sunscreen and your car is full of gas, protect your family for the unthinkable. A little time spent now planning and covering your future may ease the tragic financial burdens of your untimely death. Life Insurance is a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan. Life Insurance coverage will bring you and your family peace of mind. Life Insurance will be there for you and your family once you are gone.

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