Spring is the time of year where random hit-and-miss storms bring high winds, hail, flooding downpours, lightning and thunder to our area. If you are a homeowner unlucky enough to experience one of these bad storms, knowing how to deal with the aftermath can make all the difference on getting your life back to normal.

After major wind or hail storm has hit your area, it can be apparent that your home is in need of repair. Missing or torn shingles, dented or scarred siding, cracked windows, downed gutter spouts can be some or all of the side effects of hundred balls of ice being pelted against your home.

Immediately after the Storm Contact Insurance Company and Contractor:
When a storm does such a large amount of damage to your home, it can be intimidating and surreal. Now is not the time for panic or inaction. It is important to reach out to your insurance agency and a contractor you can trust as soon as possible.

Get your facts all in a row:
Take pictures of any pieces of hail against a measuring tape or ruler and a round object similar in size, such a ping-pong ball similar in size
Note the date and exact time that the storm hit
Take plenty of photos of your home’s interior and exterior, plus surrounding property
Be sure to focus on any obvious signs of damage, such as dented siding and torn shingles
Check out roof, siding, windows, gutters and doors
Don’t forget to check out any equipment, such as air conditioner for damage

Storm and Hail Damage Is NOT Always Visible:
Keep in mind that the effects of storm and hail damage can be invisible for a while. A few months later, a homeowner may discover a leak caused by damaged shingles that went unnoticed. That is why it’s important to have a professional contractor come out to access your home.

Most important of all, is prior to any storms, contact Flaugh Insurance Agency to ensure your home and auto coverage is up to date.
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