If you are hosting a Super Bowl Party, it’s important to understand your homeowners or renters insurance policy and make sure you’re covered if the unexpected happens.

Damage to your home

If you’re having a party at your home or apartment, your homeowners and renters insurance policy may cover things like:

Fire and smoke – property in your home that could be damaged by fire or smoke; be sure to check your smoke detectors before guests arrive

Vandalism – property in your home that could be broken

Theft – property in your home that could be stolen

Broken windows – home windows that could be broken

Injury to a guest

You never know when something could go wrong at a party. That’s why it’s important to have enough liability coverage for:

Accidents or issues resulting from alcohol you’re serving

Guests getting sick from the food you’re serving

Damage to equipment any vendors, like photographers, bands or caterers, might bring

If your dog bites a guest

Guests having a slip, trip or fall on your property

Remember, the more people you have in your home, the more potential liability. Why not consider a Personal Umbrella Policy. It kicks in when your homeowners policy runs out of coverage, which helps you protect your personal assets.

Damage to your stuff

Some items in your home might be more valuable than what’s covered under your homeowners policy. A Personal Articles Policy can help make sure you’re protected.

Create a home inventory before the party starts. If anything, like an accident or theft, happens to something you own, you’ll have a record for your insurance company.

Keep your guests safe

Offer non-alcoholic beverages and always serve food.

Don’t pressure guests to drink quickly or rush to refill their empty glasses.

Stop serving alcohol toward the end of the party.

If a guest has had too much to drink, call a cab or ride share service, arrange a ride with a sober guest, or have them sleep at your home or apartment.

Remind all your guests to wear seat belts on the way home.

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