We can write any type of home insurance.

We offer home insurance, a type of coverage that is essential for any home. By using an independent agency like Flaugh, consumers can take advantage of the numerous benefits we provide. First, we are able to evaluate and compare rates from multiple insurance companies within a competitive market so that you can always get the best deal possible. Second, we know how to customize home insurance policies for each individual homeowner so that you’re getting exactly the coverage you need and not overpaying for unnecessary services. With experts like Flaugh Insurance Agency at your side, finding home insurance becomes a lot easier and safer.

We can write any type of home insurance whether it is occupied by you as the owner, or rented out to a tenant. Property and liability coverage can be included. We also can write renter’s insurance for renters who are renting and only need personal property and premises personal liability coverage.

We also can write coverage for condominiums and their respective association.

Markets are also available for mobile homes as well as vacant dwellings.

We can insure farms and offer policies with broad coverage offerings.

Personal umbrella polices are also available that provides additional liability protection in the event your primary liability policy limits are exhausted due to a claim.

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